St. Vincent Ferrer An Educational Ministry of Saint Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church
A Member of the Diocese of Sacramento

Mission Statement

St. Vincent Ferrer School, an academic ministry of St. Vincent Ferrer Church, educates students in grades preschool-8. We provide our students with the skills needed to live peacefully in today’s society. We commit ourselves to creating a Catholic environment that promotes kindness, respect, compassion, tolerance, self-worth, and academic excellence. As stewards of the Parish Community, we emphasize and model the importance of responsibility, commitment, cooperation, and service towards one another.

Mission Statement (for Lower Grades)

We go to St. Vincent Ferrer School. Our school is part of St. Vincent Ferrer Church. We are learning how to think and use many things such as reading, math, science and art. We are also learning to live as God tells us. This means to be kind and friendly and to do our best each day even if we think someone is different. It is important to help each other and love one another. When we learn these things, we will grow up to be good people who can help our Church and country.

Philosophy Of St. Vincent Ferrer School

The faith community of St. Vincent Ferrer School provides a unique environment to promote Gospel values. We guide our students and each other in the knowledge of Catholic doctrine. We recognize our responsibility to build a peaceful, just society in our ever changing world.

We, as members of this faith community, concern ourselves with the social, physical, emotional, cultural, and aesthetic growth of each student. We encourage each student to assume his/her own uniqueness and self-worth, while developing an awareness of responsibilities not only to oneself, but to others and to God.

We believe that parents are crucial in the student’s development since parents are the primary educators of their children. We offer the parents close support to assist them in this critical role.